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Educational Aims

Our primary aims involve, learning, understanding and providing perspective on the service of individuals and operational units that served in the US led Second Indochina War. We have the lived experience as the family members of veterans and men who fought or made the ultimate sacrifice in Vietnam. We have worked with and shared vast time with many veterans of the war, their families and friends and understand the nature of their military service in Vietnam, as well as the impact that the same service had on their lives in the post-war years. 


How we achieve our aims

The ways in which we provide increased awareness of the impacts of the war on allied serviceman include

* detailed research

* publication of stories of historical relevance via social media

* blog articles

* production of a manuscript detailing our personal experiences (in 


* educational presentations and travel experiences for 

   individuals groups                       


The outputs of our research have proven highly valuable to veterans and family members wanting a deeper understanding and context around their military deployment in Vietnam.



The outcome we hope to achieve through our efforts is to both raise awareness of the sacrifices made by all who served their countries during the war, while also keeping the memory and the lessons learnt alive for for future generations. 


To find out how Vietnam Heritage can assist you, please simply send us an enquiry via the research enquiries button above and we'll get in touch with you shortly

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