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Research Capabilities

​For three decades the members of Vietnam Heritage have honed research skills relating specifically to the Vietnam War. Combing declassified military documents from government signals and memos; unit radio logs, operational plans and after action reports; through to aircraft flight routes and bombing runs; artillery and naval data. We've plotted spatial data and explored patrol routes for individual infantry units, through whole operations and even full tours of duty. We've mapped large-scale battles and copious small contacts and undertaken numerous surveys to both confirm our research and map out battlefields in the modern landscapes.

We have been transferring much of this data into usable spatial information that can be overlaid readily in the correct spatial datum for platforms such as Garmin systems, Google Earth, and Google Maps for use in the field for on-ground base and battlefield exploration, providing information on the recovery of missing persons, and also in directing veterans and family members to sites of personal significance. 

Individuals and Families

The outputs of our research have proven highly valuable to veterans and family members wanting a deeper understanding and context around their military deployment in Vietnam. We are able to produce detailed reports and maps on anything from a short firefight, to a major battle, a sub-unit's lines on their base areas (down to infantry platoon), to entire deployment summaries. These provide a way to clarify the experiences of veterans during the war, the sequences of events and the geographic area over which they occurred. It can provide greater understanding of wartime experiences in the context of wider events that they took place in. For veterans and family members this type of intel can bring greater understanding, open up new dialogues and even inspire travel to retrace significant moments and places today on the ground where they occurred. 

For the Fallen

We have implemented our skills in a number of ways to assist in the research to recover servicemen who today are still missing in action. This has primarily involved research into a number of the remaining one-thousand+ missing US servicemen, but also assisting individuals and NGO's in the search for fallen PAVN where our database contains useable information. 


In addition, through our associated charity Healing Through History we have commenced assisting the family members of missing US serviceman to empower them with information that may assist authorities in their search for their lost serviceman's remains. We also provde valuable information that can assisting family members to undertake healing journeys at the location where our research indicates their missing serviceman may be found. For those who lost loved ones in the war, whether repatriated or still missing in action, the scars of loss never truly heal but by creating understanding and even sharing healing journeys does in some way help with processing the loss.

To find out how Vietnam Heritage can assist you, please simply send us an enquiry via the research enquiries button above and we'll get in touch with you shortly

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