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Luke is the son of an Australian Vietnam War veteran who served as a rifleman throughout 1968 taking part in the Tet Offensive, assault on the Long Hai Hills (Minh Dam base), defence of FSB Anderson and Coral-Balmoral. Certain events left a deep emotional impact on his father which inspired Luke to undertake extensive research on his father's tour of duty in South Vietnam.


He has spent two decades researching the Australian and US involvement in Vietnam, connecting with veterans and the veteran community, walking in the footsteps of his father and many others who went before. He enjoys uncovering evidence of past battles engrained in the soil of modern Vietnam, assisting with US unsolved MIA and POW cases and in the process developed a passion for the culture, language, and millennia-long history of Vietnam.

Based in southern Vietnam he enjoys a local lifestyle and takes great pride in his role as a historian and qualified tour operator arranging travel for veterans and other groups to sites of personal or general historic significance, as well as introducing historical context and perspective on Vietnamese culture and language. Luke's ability as a Vietnamese-English translator comes in handy on research projects and he thoroughly enjoys engaging with local people who are a wealth of interesting stories and sometimes vital information in our research.

Glenn and VC recipient Keith Payne.jpg


Glenn is the nephew of an Australian Vietnam Veteran and as a young child began a lifelong interest in the Vietnam war.  He has travelled regularly and extensively throughout Vietnam since the mid-1990's. He has used both his personal and academic knowledge, vast resources and contacts to help Veterans and their families connect with their personal connection to the war. Glenn was involved in the WW2 US Honor Flight program and has personally helped many other veterans in their search for answers in Vietnam.


Glenn continues to play an important role in providing crucial details of unsolved MIA and POW cases to government teams working in Vietnam. Glenn has also played the key role in assisting Keith Payne VC and Green Beret Gerry Delwo in mapping out of the battle on Hill 668 in the search for remains of SFC Anastasio Montez. In 2020 Glenn led a moving innaugral Vietnam Victoria Cross Walking Tour to the site with family members of both veterans and SFC Montez


Glenn previously served in the Royal Australian Navy on the Vietnam Veteran HMAS Hobart and has spent large volumes of time volunteering with Veteran organisations. He has formal qualifications and professional experience in Asian and International Studies, Paramedicine, Nursing and Expat Tax.  He currently is based in Florida USA. 

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