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On no other visit of the former 1st Australian Task Force base and Long Tan battlefield will you experience the high resolution of detailed knowledge that Vietnam Heritage is able to bring to you. Our historians have spent decades researching, exploring and mapping every unit area at Nui Dat. This knowledge, along with our use of high-resolution spatial mapping technology and imagery, and the stories relayed to us firsthand of life on the base, allows us to impart a unique insight into life on the ANZAC base.

Similarly, while visiting Long Tan we offer the opportunity to walk all, or parts of the actual battlefield throughout the various phases of the three and a half hour long engagement. Our historians have plotted the radio logs, after action reports and CO maps of the movements and subunit firefights of all three rifle companies and armored cavalry, as well as artillery targets and aerial firepower between Nui Dat and the Long Tan Cross site from the the first mortar rounds to the final shots.

We have a good working knowledge of several other operations in the area that provide a better understanding of the context in which Long Tan took place. In addition to their desktop and field research, our historians have been fortunate enough to have had conversations with members of Delta Company 6RAR that were involved in the battle, as well travelling on site with the men of 6RAR/NZ that were involved in the very first memorial service on the site in 1969.

Highlights are customisable but can include, in detail*:

  • 1st Australian Task Force HQ lines

  • Australian, New Zealand and US Artillery lines

  • Signals, Field Workshop and Field Ambulance lines

  • Engineers lines

  • SAS Hill, Engineers Quarry, modern Vietnamese quarry 

  • Kangaroo Helipad, Luscombe Airfield including 161 Independent Recce Flight area, and subunit LZ's 

  • Luscombe Bowl, PX and TFMA

  • Infantry lines down to subunit level, platoon lines, firing ranges

  • 3Cav and 1st Armored Regiment lines

  • Long  Tan Battlefield & Memorial Cross

  • Optional activity: trek from Nui Dat (6th Battalion RAR lines) to the Long Tan Battlefield in the footsteps of Bravo and Delta 6RAR - please contact us to discuss suitability. 

​*Destinations vary depending on departure from Saigon or Vung Tau.


We have designed the Nui Dat - Long Tan Experience with a detailed overview and experience in mind. If you or any of your party have a particular connection to veterans who were based at Nui Dat we are most happy to be directed to spend more time focused on sites of significance to yourself. We just ask that at the time of booking you provide us with any details available to assist us to customise your experience. 

Ask us about our multiple-day experiences to gain a deeper understanding of the former Phuoc Tuy Province, operational areas north of Saigon such as Cu Chi and Coral-Balmoral battlefields, and exploration of Saigon itself

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To find out how Vietnam Heritage can assist you, please simply send us an enquiry via the research enquiries button above and we'll get in touch with you shortly

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