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Healing Through History

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

And so with the dawning of a new day begins another venture to bring the past and present together. We arrive in Saigon again today to kick off a month of healing and research in southern Vietnam and the central highlands. For a number of decades now we've been travelling to and from Vietnam discovering and uncovering history. This month begins another chapter in this long journey. Through the process of revisiting the precise locations of past battles and smaller skirmishes we've found ourselves at home in the ever evolving modern cities, towns, hamlets and rural places of Vietnam.

Phước Hải southern Vietnam (Luke Johnston)

We take pride in our work and believe our historical research skills and ability to navigate the politics, cultural and physical landscapes of Vietnam serve a greater purpose than our own enjoyment. More than simply standing on platoon lines in a deserted base, or long-past battle site. More than waving a metal detector about uncovering artifacts of war just beneath the surface. It's about connecting people and their memories of the past with the places as they are now.

Healing through history - Glenn disappearing into the bush, Central Highlands

We know too well from our experiences that the distant memories can linger for a lifetime. Some great memories of cameraderie, yet often painful. By opening the door to revisit the places that those memories were generated, individual veterans, their mates, and their families are afforded a chance to put it all in perspective, to process and even let go.

6RAR/NZ ANZAC Battalion V4 veterans revisit a site long in their memories, Phước Tuy Province III Corps

We truly hope that by providing both a virtual space to share wartime events and importantly an opportunity for those willing and able to travel with us that we facilitate understanding and a degree of healing through history. To return or visit the sites and scenes of events that largely shaped much of people's lives and bear witness to the positive emotional journey that creates is one of our greatest aims.

We look forward to sharing it with you, stay tuned.

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