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We are extremely pleased to announce the first ever Vietnam Victoria Cross Tour in November.  This tour is fully booked, however we will be operating the next Vietnam Victoria Cross Tour to coincide ANZAC Day 2020. This will be an incredible event. After many years and countless hour of research and field studies we are offering the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of of Australian Legends. For more information see or check out details below and on Facebook Vietnam Victoria Cross Walking Tour!

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Vietnam Victoria Cross Walking Tour

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VN Victoria Cross Tour

Custom Individual and Group Tours

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Cu Chi Tunnels Day Tour

Ham Dia Dao Cu Chi
Dia Dao Cu Chi
Bang Sung Cu Chi

You may choose anywhere from half day through to week long tours in which we will ensure a great overview of the region but importantly do our utmost to research and take you to places of importance to you or your family. We have highly detailed and accurate georeferenced maps of the Australian Taskforce base at Nui Dat, Australian, New Zealand and US Areas of Operations, and access to high resolution information in declassified military logs and documents which allow us today to retrace the footsteps of the past.

We offer airport pickup/dropoff if desired, can operate from-return Saigon / other major port, or arrange to pick you up from your hotel and can recommend accommodation options in many parts of the country based on our personal experience (no commission!). Depending on the size and needs of the individual or group we recommend either comfortable small to mid-size vehicles or indeed travelling by motorbike for the more adventurous minded. 

For more details contact us as we're eager to assist. Just use the form in below or message us on Facebook!

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Food and accommodation and other info:


We try to accommodate dietary preferences as far as possible and are happy to take you to try local fare or western style venues where available, and can accommodate carnivores, omnivores and herbivores. We're big fans of  authentic local dishes and street food, but are incredibly careful to select only the safest options. On the road we suggest you eat with us, and are most welcome to at night but also feel free to wander and find your favourite choice at your leisure. We love to stop opportunistically to sip coconut juice and nibble tropical fruits, snack on hot street food from villages and roadside stalls, eat authentic rice and noodle dishes.

Vietnam has a wonderful array of cheap accommodation designed not to break the budget while staying perfectly comfortable. The cost quoted includes transport and very comfortable mid-range accommodation but we can can also adjust to suit your needs. 

Please ensure you take out comprehensive travel/personal accident/injury insurance that includes emergency evacuation. For those travelling by motorbike you'll need a full motorbike license in your home country and either an international driving permit/and or local Vietnamese driving license for most travel companies to insure you (we can arrange the local license for a small fee depending on the  duration required).  We strongly suggest that you an authentic local license for riding. We are very happy to assist with this at cost, a great way to ensure you are covered under local law as well as a fantastic souvenir to take home!  If you are unable to ride or cannot get insurance that covers riding we can organise a rider for you to tag on with as pillion.

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