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Vietnam Heritage

Battlefield, History & Culture Tours

A Definitive Tour of ANZAC Operational Areas in Vietnam

A very special three night, four day tour covering the major operational areas of the Australian and New Zealand combined ground forces in Vietnam. Tour departs and concludes in Saigon and incorporates former Phuoc Tuy Province, Cu Chi, Ho Bo Woods, Iron Triangle and War Zone D


Highlights include, but limited to:


Nui Dat, Long Tan, Ba Ria, Hoa Long, Dat Do, Cu Chi Tunnels, Coral-Balmoral battlefield,  Binh Ba, Horseshoe Hill, The Minefield, Vung Tau, The 'Long Hais' (Minh Dam) and The 'Warbies' 

Unique private package tours 

Our private group tours operate on request to key sites of significance across Vietnam. For those wanting to experience the key sites of former bases, battlefields and operational areas we offer packaged one day and multiple day tours to suit your needs. Our Australian and New Zealand guests often wish to visit key sites on the former 1st Australian Taskforce Base, Long Tan and other nearby operational areas typically commencing in either Saigon or Vung Tau.  

Typical tours include sites such as Nui Dat, Long Tan, Horseshoe Hill, the Long Hais, Cu Chi Tunnels, Coral-Balmoral Battlefields and Vung Tau. 

Tailored custom tours 

For those with a personal connection to the war including veterans, their family members and friends we offer custom tours tailored to individuals service in Vietnam. These journeys are often healing in nature and allow veterans and those close to them to revisit their former lines on bases and other sites of personal interest such as battlefields, operational areas or locations which they have memories of. At Vietnam Heritage we pride ourselves on our research abilities and have vast experience relocating sites of personal significance using military records, radio logs contact reports, maps, personal recollections and cutting-edge geospatial imagery. For those without a personal connection to individuals service in the war but a keen interest in particular events we are able to assist with planning custom tours to any base, battlefield or operational area that you desire. 

Custom tours begin with a conversation to define your personal needs, a period of research into the areas you wish to visit and defining a custom itinerary that suits both your interests and your budget.

Australian veteran Henry Drazek shares his thoughts and feelings with us on his first return visit to Vietnam in 55 years at the sight of 3RAR defensive position Balmoral in AO Surfers

Our tours

We are Australian and US military history specialists. Let us guide you to the most iconic destinations, battlefields and bases; and venture with us down the road less travelled to remote and hidden locations that we guarantee no other travel company in Vietnam will take you.


Our motto is simple. Provide the best experience at every moment for our guests. From the moment you discover Vietnam Heritage, the ease of making online bookings, recommendations for activities and  accommodation, places to eat, our ability to listen to you and to tailor custom battlefield tour packages around your unique interests – we are the best.

Vietnam Heritage battlefield tours go further, literally to some of the most remote corners of the county that we know will give you an exclusive, personal experience. Discover the context of the US led Second Indochina War and be inspired by the epic layers and thousands of years of Vietnam's amazing journey.

We offer in-depth insights about our destinations, a strong connection with the people living and working in those areas today, as well as opportunities to fully customise tours to your suit your unique interests as a veteran, family member, friend, researcher or interested member of the public.  

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While touring former battlefields you will have the opportunity to experience the true culture of Vietnam through the eyes of our many local friends across the country. Hear first-hand about the local customs, traditions and cuisine, and personal stories and recollections of wartime life. 

Veterans are too often only guided to popular war history destinations.  We  take immense pride in our personal approach to research and tour planning,  offering deep insights into individual operational tours of duty and guiding our guests to the sites of deep personal significance near and far. 

Gain perspective of significant aspects of veterans unique wartime experiences while standing on the very ground that such  significant events of the past took place



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