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Our members are Australian and US military history specialists who have been researching and exploring the Second Indochina war in Vietnam for three decades. Over that time we've studied the historical circumstances in which the war arose, researched and explored detailed military operations of the war itself, and worked with veteran and family members to better understand the context of their experiences of the war. Our work has helped bring veterans, their family and friends perspective on events of personal significance during the war and the ways it ultimately altered the trajectory their post-war years. 


We have mapped out copious bases, operational areas and battlefields in both high spatial and temporal resolution, and in our own capacity have explored many of them on the ground as they exist today. In the process we've developed ties with the allied veteran community and have strong personal connections within the local community in Vietnam. We now proudly offer research and educational services for anyone in the community interested in the history including creation of detailed reports on veterans and veteran units operational service in Vietnam during the war. For those wishing to undertake the next step and explore the history on the ground where it occured, in conjunction with local service providors we also specialise in designing memorable, personalised experiences to directly meet guests  interests and needs.

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Our services offer not only insights into the history, but also a strong connection with the people, culture and future of modern Vietnam. We  understand the needs and expectations of our clients, in particular members of the veteran community who want to reconnect with well researched places of personal significance. 


We have local friends across the country who thoroughly enjoy sharing personal stories and recollections of wartime life as well as the local customs, traditions and cuisine.


We  take immense pride in our personal approach to both historic research and planning educational experiences,  offering deep insights into individual operational deployments and sharing with our guests to the sites of deep personal significance near and far. 

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Australian veteran Henry Drazek shares his thoughts and feelings with us on his first return visit to Vietnam in 55 years at the sight of 3RAR defensive position Balmoral in AO Surfers



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